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Welcome on our website

If you have visited our website before, you´ll notice that our pages have changed: a new structure, new contents, a new design.

This has some advantages: we can be more up to date because the contents can be changed and completed much more easier. And now our pages are better useable on smartphones and tablets. And, we are convinced, they look better.

There is a disadvantage too: it was and still is much work to realize the whole project.

Therefore be somewhat lenient with us , we need a few more days until everything is ready.

Nevertheless, we hope that you soon revisit our pages and we obviously hope that you will choose our "Haus Bergl" for your holiday destination!

With best regards

           Brigitte und Alois Grüner

Below a list of news which we complement irregularly. With a click on a title you open the complete article.

More Fun. More Adventures. More Vacation.

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How it looks like with conditions to ski, snowboard, about the weather, temperature, open lifts, slopes and trails, even some webcams: all on the...

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